cooking quake

i think i am a pretty decent cook….i’ve had my major failures but i always think that if you’re hungry and someone puts some nice hot tasty food in front of you? it’s a good thing.

it all started at christmas when my cristmas cookies failed to live up to my expectations, then last week i tried a few recipes from my “great british cooking” cookbook….fail! i learned that i don’t have the oven temprature figured out, i don’t have cream or potatoes sorted out and the size of your pan does matter!

now, i’m afraid to try anything other than cheese on toast or my gourmet bacon and eggs that we had tonight…

i’ve turned my creative energy towards trying to think up a stained glass project~~as i pulled out a stained glass book~~ an old, reliable, never fail recipe for carrot cake fell out…. carrots? i can do that…brown sugar, flour, eggs etc…no prob…and i actually still have the pan i used for  this very same recipe in the states…if i can just get the temp of the oven right…

still working on a stained glass project…..any suggestions???

4 thoughts on “cooking quake

  1. completely lost my confidence….was going to try the carrot cake today but no carrots at the co-op!!! we are in war mode here….

    we have a big meeting here in birmingham on thursday for the whole team and may try it for them….
    they would be too polite to say it’s crap!

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