my steps are being counted

today i went to be a research participant…it’s aimed at getting middle aged people like me to increase their activity. today i got a pedometer, to measure my baseline activity. initially i thought i’d look pretty sedentary until i remembered that i don’t drive…so, even in my current slug like state i should appear more active than a driver…

the other good part of today? i held a baybee….he was the ginger haired son of the other research nurse. we had a joint meeting with the boss…including the new third nurse. he is a cute baby and he was quite smitten with me…maybe he remembers me from vienna.

we had an inch or so of new snow last night…

the bad stuff??? i got shot down by “the team”…not me directly or my work but it’s like everyone came out from under their holiday rocks to give an opinion and grand ideas…someone suggested we should get a “professional” to develop the chart i just spent numerous hours during my annual leave working on…hey, that’s great, i’m sure a fancy shmancy graphic/it designer can do a better job than me but….maybe we could have discussed this before i wasted  spent all my time….

after i read their emails….i ate a tuna sandwich and took a nap…

my boss loves my chart…he wants me to make it into an animated power point presentation!!! i guess that’s all that matters~

2 thoughts on “my steps are being counted

  1. oooh pedometers! I like those! I never had one that was accurate..maybe I should get one on my wishlist.. 🙂 is it suppossed to be 1000 steps a day? sorry about the shoot out/ shoot down.. It has to pinch but as long as your boss likes you.. love Tuna sandwich!! you made me hungry.. 😉

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