what a day!

i am too tired to go over the whole day but in addition to my boss leaving me a message to say~~

well done, your presentation went very well…..excellent!

i got this from the senior research nurse from newcastle

Just a quick mail to say well done you did a great job today with the checklist

more tomorrow~~~

4 thoughts on “what a day!

  1. That’s wonderful Tracy … I know you must be thrilled. Well done!

    I’m afraid to tell you that I was pleased to see your blog looking like it’s old self today. The one yesterday was nice and tidy with good colors, but it seemed a bit ordinary … something which you are most certainly not. 🙂

  2. Ha, I knew you’d do it! Looking forward to ‘hearing’ all the details. And I’m sure you’re glad it’s over and done with…this time!

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