a new strategy

i’ve started wistfully thinking about spring and the garden…which always ends with wondering what my current plans for controlling slugs and snails will be…then i saw this~~

at first i thought it was just  copper tape but


Snail Away

available: within 1 week    2 metres of tape £9.99 £1.99

At last, an effective and safe way to keep slugs and snails out of your containers. ‘Snail Away’ is a decorative, self adhesive tape which can be fitted in minutes. Powered by a small battery (9volt PP3 – not included) which you can expect to last a whole season, it works by giving an electric shock to any snail or slug trying to cross it. After a few tries they give up and go away – so there are no messy bodies to clear up!
2 metres of tape – is sufficient for a pot up to 60cms (24ins) diameter.

hee hee heee! sounds diabolical….

the question is why is it so cheap??? marked down to £1.99 from £9.99??? maybe it doesn’t work?? maybe instead of giving up and going away they just get out little rubber suits and trudge on??

 i have til sunday to think about that~~~~

2 thoughts on “a new strategy

  1. If you decide to order, order some extra and I’ll pay you for it – I’ll be ‘pot’ gardening this summer as well, this looks like a decorative way to solve the problem!

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