dear james,

i miss you james and i heard that you miss me too!

i am doing okay…. i have a new roommate, he wants to play but i just glare at him.  we don’t eat together and i go out of my way to ignore him. you know those black country blokes…

this week we did have a little fun chasing the red light…and we do look ever so fierce together hissing at that black cat through the glass~~

i didn’t like that white stuff…nope not one little bit!! it’s still too cold to take up my usual spot in the greenhouse but we are hoping for a nice warm summer..oh yeah, i forgot this is england….

so oldie, when you sending my plane ticket? remember you told me about all the great squirrel chasing in chicago…do you think they will laugh at my accent?

overall, they are taking pretty good care of me here…the nice, beautiful lady brings me prawns a few times a month and i quite like the roast chicken in between…yep the grub is pretty good and just in case you are worried here’s a pic of the current stock…

you know how i used to go in and out at night and you had to get up to open the door…yeah, the old guy does it now!! so, funny…come to think of it he talks just like my roommate…i wonder if they are related?

anyhoo, take care buddy…i heard you are in school now…when you get a good job…it’s gonna be me and you…right pal?? you know, our own place??

lots of love, cleo

4 thoughts on “dear james,

  1. sssooo funny!! but didn’t you get her in England as well? Maybe she sounds like Mrs. POtts from Beauty and the Beast…. and ya the beautiful prawn-toting red head is amazing!!

  2. tell cleo to start applying for some legitimate jobs, so she can pay her way cuz james is struggling to make ends meet. Its a classic immigration case right…the pap goes to find a job and sends for his family to come over LOL

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