how low can you go?

there’s nothing great going on here…it’s pretty bad actually….inside my head.  james apparently didn’t like cleo’s letter but that hasn’t stopped him from asking for money~~~

my job??? i am so fucking fed up with everyone and the truth is they probably don’t realize how shitty i feel about the whole thing.

i worked at my “real” job yesterday and my boss was being well…the boss! i had two patients and he was so fucking good it made all the research bullshit worthwhile. he was on the unit ALL day, on a sunday. one person died and  another needed a brain stem death test at 5pm and he talked to one of my patients family for nearly an hour with the patience of a saint mainly because the mum kicked off and was screaming the day before. apparently she made the nurse cry and was in  my bosses face….he has a habit of taking a deep breath and a pause before responding to some questions and this woman shouted at him…”aren’t you going to answer me???” not good…

today i thought it all over and decided that i used to feel torn between the ones down there in london and my boss (nutter that he is) now they have forced me to choose and i have to say that my loyalty is definitely with my boss.

oh yeah, he embarrassed me twice yesterday by introducing me to the registrar and the SHO  and the crazy mum’s family as ” a research nurse working on a quality improvement project with national resposibilities who carries her experience quietly”

i am working on my first assignment for my master’s degree, i have about 30 research articles (thanks to julie j) and 1013 of the 3000+ words i need. i am getting really good at reading research articles…i check the date and i can pick out the  good ones and not so good ones…

we had some snow again today~so the cats are in hibernation mode

i have been soothing myself during the day with listening to WXRT, the chicago radio station. i am fixated on one song. they have a playlist but it was NOT there!!! this is a personal mission…the lyrics go something loike…

c’mon over to my yard

let your troubles melt away

c’mon over to my yard

heavens right here

this reminds me of another song~~~~

this song used to haunt my sleep after night shifts…and it’s just as good now….

sometimes it’s all in the journey

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