is this what office culture is really all about??

Dear All

Please may I remind all staff that chairs taken from desks around the building must be put back in its original place after they have been borrowed. It makes it difficult for facilities staff to locate chairs especially if that chair has been made for that employee specifically. Before borrowing a chair, please can I encourage you to ask a member of that team if it is available for that day. And could I also encourage employees to put their names on the chairs which would make it easier for facilities to find.

And lastly, please do not remove chairs and take them to another floor.

maybe i am just out of touch but when i work in the hospital we are happy to have any opportunity to sit down…four legs and a seat…i’m on it!!

and from the same detail oriented person

Dear All

When entering the lift (for those of you who use it), please mind the step when entering. For some reason, the lift has raised itself a few inches above normal when reaching the ground floor. The engineers have been called, and a notice has been put up. We ask you to please be aware. Thank you.

 i can’t seem to find the other stupid emails i get…someone took my yogurt from the fridge, the lifts are out of order, the lifts are working,, book club meeting is today at 3pm, whoever spilled a clear liquid on the floor please clean it up….

last i knew you had to be at least 18 years old to work and maybe i find it an extra waste of my time because i am 2 hours away from london so i couldn’t care less if the lifts are working!!!

maybe i will rewrite that to reveal its “real” meaning….instead of “hi all”…maybe

HEY YOU! the inconsiderate, selfish idiot who took sam jones specially fitted, hand measured, mega costlychair….

4 thoughts on “is this what office culture is really all about??

  1. Wow… people have specially made chairs now?!! Are you sure it’s not a wheelchair? Or maybe not but surely we could all do with a specifically designed chair just for us. This has to be some ridiculous health issue – ‘my doctor said I need to sit up straight, so I need a special chair’ – or just try sitting up straight! Of course they’re the special person in the office so it’s ok for them to lose it when they have to sit on a normal persons chair. I cried laughing at this post 5/5!

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