a better wednesday

i went to london today…it was a mixed bag of really good stuff where my opinion was needed and a bunch of cringe-worthy moments.

one of the best things was that i saw the junior IT lady, who happens to be black on the stairs and asked if my boss had replied to her email asking for his decision about 3 things….she hadn’t and i explained that it was because he was working on the unit and i would be happy to make sure he responds tomorrow. we all discussed it at the afternoon meeting, without my boss, and the IT woman passed me a note. it said “hi tracy, i still want to have JB’s feedback”. i smiled and nodded…

i guess i just have to learn to make my own relationships and alliances…maybe it paid off that i always thank this IT lady for all her hard work.

the highlight of my trips to london are now my choice of sandwich…i have a current craving for pret manger

The New Yorker Bloomer

A classic recipe (stolen from our stateside friends) of salt beef, gherkins, mustard mayo and leaf spinach on our 7-grain bloomer bread (we counted!).

salt beef=corned beef….the best part?? pickles on the sandwich!! love pickles on my sandwiches….just remembered how you always get a pickle on your plate in the US…

today they were all out of the new yorker (a testament to its popularity i think) so i tried something equally adventerous…

Slim Pret - Italian Proscuitto Artisan Baguette

Prosciutto, Italian Matured Cheese, Tomatoes, Mayo, Whole-Leaf Basil

didn’t like the mayo so much but the rest was yummy!

i’m going again friday anybody see something from the menu they’s like me to taste test???

7 thoughts on “a better wednesday

  1. The sandwich you did have sounds pretty good to me! So, pickles, I’m afraid of pickles on sandwiches in this country because I expect to get dill…and usually end up with Branston!! lol

    So glad to hear today was a better day.

  2. try the beech smoked BLT and the falafel for me cuz they sound tasty…and then order a jalepeno wrap and take a mental picture of their face when you pronounce it correctly…..LOL

  3. Do they sell bean sandwiches here? I bet they would fly off of the shelves. Can that be any worse than cheese and onion or (gulp) prawn. My mouth waters thinking of it…and not in a good way.

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