a much better friday!

i went to london again today…early there 0730 and early return 1420…

the day was okay but the train rides…both of them were amazingly civilized and enjoyable!

in the morning, instead of the usual cattle car of suits and well, women in suits…the train was half empty! i got a seat at a table all to myself and had internet connection all the way to london! which i now know makes the time go so much faster……

the trip home was a completely different crowd…lots of couples, ladies having a day out and grans going to visit the grandkids out in the country for the weekend. it was a really pleasant relaxed atmosphere and once again i had a seat to myself…and the internet!!

the journey home included lots of nice scenery of the english countryside in the sunshine….cows, sheep and horses…..

it made me remember some of the good things about living here and i have a remote grumbling urge to get a drivers licence so i can get out and enjoy what’s out there.

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