i feel like an unemployed american

our girl cleo, is not well. she has been not herself for a few days. sunday it all got serious.

first clue? she didn’t come running down the stairs for the first of several feedings…even when i called her, shook her packet of food… she didn’t come. eventually i went up and carried her down, gathered up a few prawns and took her out to the greenhouse…she didn’t eat her prawns…

that alone is an ominous sign in a cat that usually takes up a permanent position next to the fridge when she knows prawns are about…she wouldn’t lay down and after i carried her back in she pretty much just collapsed flat on her tummy right where i placed her. she was obviously breathing heavy…increasingly noisy…

being a critical care nurse i started looking at her more as a patient than a big lovable ball of fur. i looked up the normal respiratory rate for a cat…20-40…and using the stopwatch on my phone counted hers at about 40. what else can you do to assess a cat?? at least a baby cries, tugs at their ear, turns red or warm….

about 10pm she really started coughing and struggling, i called the vet and got the numbers for the vet ER, got the cat carrier out of the loft and pretty much made an urgent plan B. she settled for awhile until about 2am, she started coughing again and her breathing got very shallow…i know all to well that people and cats, i assume, tire out after many hours of laboured breathing.

so i took her by taxi to the all night vet, where the vet nurse sally was the perkiest nightshift person i have ever seen. the vet thinks she has a chest infection not asthma…she got 5 shots…antibiotics, two for her breathing, a diuretic (in case its fluid overload due an undiagnosed heart condition) and something to help her relax.

the vet couldn’t be sure until they do an xray, which she thought would be cheaper if i waited and took her in to the regular vet during office hours…so we came home,

 she was definitely better but still just laid there with her eyes wide open and still not eating, even when i brought her a small dish of food to her favorite warm spot at the top of the stairs. i called the vet in the morning and brought her in, by taxi…i was surprised that they planned to keep her all day….

i called for an update at 2pm, she had blood work done and they said she was able to lie still for the xray…no sedation. i’m going to pick her up shortly and they will give me the diagnosis.

 i miss her and teared up when i had to leave her at the vet…i wonder if she thinks i abandoned her.

why do i feel like an unemployed american?? because i don’t have pet insurance and this is heading towards a £400 bill….but what else could i do??? she’s our girl, cleo~~

8 thoughts on “i feel like an unemployed american

  1. cleo is now back home and looking much better. they showed me her xrays and her lungs look pretty bad. the very nice but very young lady vet said they still can’t be sure if it’s an infection or asthma…she’s on steroids and antibiotics just in case…

    they will do another xray in a week or so, hopefully her chest will be clearer so they can get a better look at ther heart.

    i may have to draw the line at a kitty echocardiogram…we are well over £400…there goes my wood floor….again……

    i guess i should be glrateful it’s not my kid and it’s not £4000!!

  2. even I am sorry..at least y0u didn’t compare her to your kids!! phew!! Glad you are both better and yes, even we who have insurance are fighting if stuff will be covered like they said..

  3. Awww..poor Cleo! 😦 I hope she perks up and feels better soon. You are stronger than I….I would have teared up leaving the vets.
    Matt and I have forked out close to that just to get Tux’s foot fixed in the last month. I don’t care who agrees with it or not. Pets are family to me…they deserve to be cared for. I won’t go off on a rant. I’ll spare you! lol
    Just glad she is doing better now. Has Jack noticed? Or is he happy to have the run of the house?

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