looking for a challenge

with all the drama around cleo, and yes she is about 90% back to her old self except for a few shaved spots on her front legs and neck (pics to follow)….i forgot that i had a good talk with someone at work that peaked my interest.

i used to be a fairly good walker, used to be quite fit and strong actually and the lady i talked to is one year older than me…she and another younger runner were trying to drum up interest for this little test of endurance…the national three peaks challenge

apparently it is best done in the long days of summer, you start on one mountain (?) at 5pm, hike for 5 hours and come down about 10pm just as it is getting really dark drive to the next one and start up that one at 4-5am….finish around 10am and head to the third and finish it all…or collapse…in 24 hours.

The mountains climbed, in order of elevation, are Ben Nevis in Western Scotland, 1,344 metres (4,409 ft), Snowdon in North Wales, 1,085 metres (3,560 ft), and Scafell Pike in North-Western England, 978 metres (3,209 ft). In all the challenge involves some 42 kilometres (26 mi) of ascent and descent, with total travel approaching 765 kilometres (475 mi). The challenge is usually undertaken starting with Ben Nevis, the highest, and for many the most distant.

it’s called the national three peaks because one of the mountains is in scotland, england, and wales…

needless to say the two nurses trying to organize it did not get enough people to sign up (and fork out the cash for the accommodation) so now they have backtracked a little and have scheduled a training hike of just mt snowdon for the 4th of may…i am seriously considering giving it a go…at least i will get a ride a car~~

3 thoughts on “looking for a challenge

  1. i am more concerned with the elevation thing..just going to CO when I was preggers with catherine was an odd dizzy feeling.. go for it.. the first one at least in may.. not all three..

  2. Maria, these mountains aren’t high enough to have to worry about the elevation.

    I would love to do something like this…but I’d really need about a year’s training first before even considering one of them! I’ve been up onto the lower reaches of Snowdon, but the weather stopped us from going any higher…

    There’s a lot of ‘flatter’ challenges out there too. I’d love to ‘walk the wall’ – Hadrian’s Wall. Or the walk that goes from St Bee’s (I think it is) in Cumbria across to Robin Hood’s Bay in Northumbria. The Hadrian’s Wall one is 75 miles at most, the other is something over 100…

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