how sexy is that?

i never thought in my wildest dreams that i would hear any manager of mine say that in reference to any professional situation…but she did today….

i went all the way to london at her request because i thought she might actually have something to say to me…but no, i was only there to fill a seat and in the 5 minutes i saw her before she left for geneva…another long story…she was telling me how great the next presentation is going to be…march 16 and 18…it’s going to soooo much better!!!

“we have a data clinic!!!!… sexy is that??!!!”

i think my face said it all…nope….data clinic??….sexy???? nope…i don’t find that very sexy.

my boss made a fuss because i wasn’t invited to geneva, i would have liked to attend the dinner tonight and the meeting but they are flying today and back tomorrow….i don’t do two flights in two days…so actually i am a little relieved…

generally a crappy day…oh yeah, i got my revenge by spending a good long lunch hour browsing around a great big habitat…i could almost imagine being in crate and barrel….and i worked on my 3000 word assignment….i’m hovering around 2800…so nearly there!!!

One thought on “how sexy is that?

  1. Interesting, what some people find sexy.

    I like Habitat’s stuff, but a little out of my price range at the mo… but still fun to browse around.

    Good for you, getting up there with the word count! Remember, they don’t mind if you go over 3000, as long as you don’t go TOO far over 3,000!

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