how the war affects me

today i was called by the manager of my unit, my real job…the one where i take care of patients.

apparently there is a big military operation taking place and the trauma/military unit …the main one for all of england is opening every available bed (and staffing ) for the expected trauma admissions.

it makes me sad that we expect the arrival of mangled young bodies but i am happy to help out and feel needed for my skills… 

i agreed to work wednesday sandwiched between two research (lazy) days

7 thoughts on “how the war affects me

  1. it’s true though, in the US they would have read a line from my union contract and said you ar working monday and wednesday, end of.

    here my manager waffled on for ten minutes about how they cancelled admin time and study days blah, blah, blah and they emailed my boss asking “if all the research nurses could come back to do clinical shifts”

    which i find pretty funny because there are 3 of us…one is on maternity leave, one only works one short shift a week…and me!

    i don’t mind doing it, in fact, it’s easier than the brain busting research i would be doing instead…

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