a weekend? the weekend?…forgot what you call it

i can hardly remember what a real weekend is all about…it’s like an inground swimming pool…i know what it is, in fact i’ve even been in  a few but it’s so far removed from my life that i still find them foreign.

having worked shifts and weekends for nearly 15 years…lots of nights and weekends for the extra money…and despite technically having a monday to friday day job, i have been working loads of extra shifts and doing work for my research job on the saturday and sunday.

after the stressful cat crisis of last week, and the possibility of a stressful week ahead…i have this weekend off!!

a saturday and a sunday with no work~~if i remember correctly that is the definition of a weekend???

i vaguely remember that one is supposed to make plans for the weekend. my plans? given the current state of my abode~~boxes, piles of papers, cat carrier still in the middle of the living room….not to mention the dust….i think a good old spring clean may be in order.

ah, but it’s only february you say?? ah, but this is england…and provided we get a bit of sunshine, the days are definitely getting longer and not to rub it in anyones face who may have gotten a substantial snowfall this past week….my snowdrops are nearly ready to bloom, my peonies are emerging from the ground and i have small buds on virtually all of my perennials….roses, lilacs, etc…

just a few other things:

cleo, the cat who cost me £5 to buy as a kitten has now exceeded the £500 mark for her recent and yet to be definitively diagnosed illness ~~toss up between a chest infection and asthma, pending a repeat xray {cha-ching}, with a heart problem running a close third, pending a kitty echocardiogram {cha-ching-cha-ching}

she does not like taking her tablets everyday but i have perfected my technique, i break them up in tiny pieces stick them in a tiny bit of butter (mr a’s suggestion) and when she is laying on the floor i sit on top her and hold her still with my legs and shove them in her mouth…least traumatic for everyone. i do have  liquid yet to get down her, one ml in a syringe, the first time she nearly scratched my arms off so i am waiting a while to atempt that…

my 3000+ word assignment is for all practical purposes done, just adding a title page and checking the punctuation etc. julie printed out a copy yesterday and i don’t know if i am just old fashioned or just old but i like paper….i like to be able to sit back and hold it in my hand and flick through pages and one thing i learned about the difference between electronic and printed documents is that when you are looking on the screen it’s hard to tell if something is a period or a comma…or just a speck of dust on your screen….

i hope to do a bit of tidying in the garden this “weekend” hope to have pics later….

3 thoughts on “a weekend? the weekend?…forgot what you call it

  1. As a student and soon to be teacher of english… we advocate that to really proofread you’ve got to printout and should read it out loud to yourself or someone else at least once. When you just read you skip over mistakes and your eyes correct them, when you read aloud, you get all the mistakes.

  2. Jules was ill but Tracy came over Friday…and then I spent Saturday and today at my uncle’s ‘partying’. lol. If you want to call it that! Have to exaggerate on FB for certain people…we did go out last night though, and had a really good meal, met some nice people have two glasses of wine and felt totally drunk!

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