is this really a job?

i have to leave my house tomorrow morning at 6.30am to get to london for a meeting at 9am…just had a email that one woman can’t get there til 9.30…her job title???

Consultant in Creativity, Innovation & Improvement

you have got to be kidding me?!?  sounds like a kindergarden teacher….

after spending the last few weeks reading scores of studies about nurses, stress, bullying etc…i’ll stick with my job title: critical care nurse

8 thoughts on “is this really a job?

  1. i met her today…yep tres cool…knows all the buzzwords….”fresh eyes”….instead of calling something “different perspective)…my boss (and me) nearly choked on that…he was physically unable to say it!

    she lives in bath…smells of ££…she can only make the 9am meetings if they put her up in a hotel…wtf??? don’t hippies get up at 5.45am like me???

  2. Us hippies have a really hard time getting up at 5:45…I know…I have to do it M-F and STILL struggle….:)
    I am always ‘gobsmacked’ at the money this country wastes on employment here. Look at the NHS…what a HUGE moneywaster! Guess it takes a specially trained nurse to remove a catheter and do a bladder scan! Good lord…

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