scared of this week

this weekend i organized at least one room and realized that it is impossible for me to sort out james clothes and papers…just can’t bring myself to get rid of his stuff…even clothes that i know full well will never be worn ever again by either of my sons….weird?

i did decide that i will make his room now the spare room into an “american” room. it already has my old illinois license plate, pennants from the cubs and the white sox, james and matt’s baseball trophies and a map of wisconsin!! a leftover from all the other maps that didn’t stay stuck up. originally i bought maps of iceland, ireland, the world, paris…places that were important to us. james has lots of other stuff i will put out chicago bulls stuff, yankees stuff…

no place seems important to me anymore, the weather here is as grim as it comes and even though i handed in my 3000 word assignment i am assuming it will be weeks before i hear anything and the comments will probably make me cringe…

this is notoriously the most homesick time of the year for me, this year is no exception~~i’ll just hibernate in my american room~~

this week? like i said…i’m scared….scared of the travel, the longs hours, flipping back and forth between different roles. i should come up for air sometime next week so don’t worry mom~~~

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