off the hook

today i was tentatively scheduled to work on my unit pending large numbers of injured soldiers. i called last night to see if they needed me and we agreed i would ring again when i got up in the morning at 6am.  the charge nurse called me back at 10pm and said they were getting an admission so they did need me…off to bed i went and got up at 6 thinking that i didn’t have anything in the kitchen to take for my lunch…when i worked shifts, i always made my lunch the night before…now either i work at home and nibble all day or i have meetings where i get served silly little sandwiches.

at 6.05am when i was waiting for the water for my coffee to boil…sleepily thinking~~ shit! i have nothing for lunch…the phone rang! they didn’t need me after all!! i did agree to be on call for the day~~thanks, martin!

everytime the phone rang i was sure they were calling me to come in but nope…just puttered around on some new power point slides that will be reworked and critiqued….like these

2010 01 20 Project Overview slides TA JB Jan 20th 2010 v1 1

tomorrow i am going to a conference, it has something to do with preventing infection, it will be held at church house. it’s very near westminster abbey so nice neighborhood.

i was just browsing some blogs, i look at ones of interest to me…gardening, nursing, crochet and stained glass~~for the first time in a long while i was somewhat inspired to do somethingt~~to be creative. i did notice that it was still light out at 5pm tonight~~that’s a move in the right direction!

only 27 days til matt visists!!!

One thought on “off the hook

  1. I am so glad you didn’t get called in to work…

    I went out and had a look at my ‘garden’ on Sunday…and was suddenly inspired to do something with it. No firms ideas yet, but I’m at least going to try to clean it up – I noted daffs and bluebells sprouting back there, so something is growing! Clean it up and maybe throw a bunch of seeds around and see what comes up.

    It was still light out yesterday at 5:30 when I left work…it does lighten one’s spirits, doesn’t it!

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