technology limbo

i suppose some may have noticed that i have jumped the facebook ship, i de-activated my account. not that i want to avoid anyone just thought i was spending too much time on it…and lately i am pushing myself to give up some bad habits, change my routine. when i saw maria joined a group called” i don’t care about your farm, your cafe, your mafia or your aquarium”.. and i have all of those….. i realized it had gone a bit too far.

my commuting experience (long story) and my job make me want to go back to two tin cans and a piece of string, an abacus and a piece of slate with chalk….

4 thoughts on “technology limbo

  1. it’s not just because of that…i just feel embarrassed setting my alarm 15 minutes early so i can harvest some imaginary wheat or some crap like that….

    it’s just a detox

  2. I am damn near ready to jump the Facebook ship as well. Just losing interest in all of the drivel that accompanies it. Need to get a life and get off of this computer!

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