next of kin

what do you look for in a next of kin…obviously they have to love you, but maybe not too much because this is the person that may at some point be the one to give the okay to “pull the plug”. so i suppose you want someone who’s tough, a strong exterior with a soft middle. someone who will be available 24/7, someone who will make the phone calls…until they get the answers they need, someone who will look at the situation from all angles….hhhmmm, who should i pick as my next of kin….

mom too much stress for her

my sister, nancy she wouldn’t recognize me

my son,matt he would be too upset

my son, james he wouldn’t interrupt his internet time

my brother, andy he wouldn’t interrupt his internet time in between his family time

hhmmm, running out of family members…i know!!

my daughter, rose!!!! nerves of steel, stamina of a racehorse, persistance of a bill collector….

oh yeah, she already is my next of kin…go ahead sweetie….just make sure i do not spend my last days on this earth in an intensive care unit!! i’ve spent too much time there already…

that reminds me of another thought i had working this weekend..i wondered if patients ever wake up from their surgery/accident in the ICU and think they have died and gone to hell….

2 thoughts on “next of kin

  1. Those are supposed to be good qualities I have right? for some reason in this scenario they dont sound that great.

    That is a huge fear for me to wake up after surgery and and feel like i’ve not woken up like you said….

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