they already know

usually i am writing about things here to keep the folks back home updated but this time the folks back home already know…in fact they are the stars of the story!!

i’ve talked to my mom on the phone about 10 times in the last 6 years…two of them over the last two days….in a roundabout way i found out that my truck driving, should be retired, much loved step father slipped on some ice and was in the hospital in mitchell, south dakota!!!!

when i asked the nurse why he couldn’t fly home because i concerned about mr history of blood clots, on coumadin for the past 20+ years etc~~~ spending 10 hours on a bus ~~~~the very condensending, smart ass nurse said “cause we’re in the middle of nowhere, hunny”

it all has a happy ending, last i talked to the very superficially unconcerned mom, “the man” had landed in chicago by plane, not a bus…maybe someday i will find out the official diagnosis….what can a fall on ice do? crushed disc, fractured vertebrae?? hopefully he’ll be okay…

3 thoughts on “they already know

  1. Compression fracture of T11…not exactly his tailbone. He must he got some air and landed flat on his back. The report said the cord and discs looked good, though.

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