maybe it’s the coffee

we are working fast and furious with the creativity consultant ( i now call her the wedding planner) and the evil communications gobbledeegook generator who has now officially labeled my beloved qualitative study a “social marketing campaign” UGH!

we have two large training days in march 150+ people each, so lots of heated discussions. i was feeling so crappy about it all, like all my suggestions and input were just rudely dismissed (they were). i was pretty much rock bottom wednesday~~ seriously considering my options…i actually thought about resigning at the end of march when my contract runs out, thought about just working agency shifts at the hospital as they continue to be ridiculously short staffed…i thought about how nice it would be to just go to work and do my shift and not spend time in the evenings and on weekends worrying about this stuff.

yesterday, i woke up like i did a few months ago and decided to find my own work. i have amassed a huge folder of documents related to this study, i save the minutes of every meeting and every version of some of the documents that have been developed. i had quite positive discussions with my boss and the senior nurse in newcastle and that helped me get back on track~~~ i decided to rise above all the current extravaganza planning and concentrate on the next step.

data validation-microbiology. not necessarily easy but someplace i can have ownership and my input is sought out and valued…. just let that comms woman try tell me how to determine a catheter related infection….

my boss sent me his slide presentation, which i know is going to make them all fall off their chairs…i can hear them gasping in horror right now all the way from london. why? because he has the audacity to be himself, add personal touches, disregard the rules of slide presentations and either put too many words (big no-no) or add pictures.

so i had to laugh when i saw that he added a slide for the coffee break, i can’t copy it here but it has a photo of some coffee beans and another one that has a mouse drinking coffee and the title to this study

Caffeine Reverses Cognitive Impairment and Decreases Brain

Amyloid-β Levels in Aged Alzheimer’s Disease Mice

funny guy, eh?

it’s official, i am feeling much more positive and actually have plans to paint my kitchen this weekend, just to spruce it up for matt’s visit which is fast approaching. i also indulged in a third cup of coffee!!

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