homestyle loo

i finally got some pics of the cool loos/toilets/bathrooms at the wallace space~~they have a retro dressing table with a little skirt that has a cowboy print…check out all the stuff the provide for women (mostly)

here’s the towel warmer with a real hand towel  and cute little fish for rose’s favorite bathroom theme…water=sea

here’s some close ups of the dressing table…notice the blow dryer, curler set underneath and my favorite~a cup with assorted types of tampons!!! tell me ladies~~ how many times could they have saved you embarrassment???

the wallace space is so cool and trendy, they brought beer and wine to our little kitchen space about 4.30…(friday) i thought it was because although the day went quite well…there was a heated discussion in the last hour as the other half of the team tried to sneak through some fundamental changes…did i stress the very heated part?

it takes alot for my boss to say he really doesn’t agree with something, usually he is more diplomatic, knowing that he can’t have everything his way…but not this time…i have to say i did alert him to this a week ago.

anyway, must concentrate on the good stuff…i was thinking that rose and neil could create something like this in chicago…start looking for an old warehouse….must be a good location though!!

just found pics of the room we were in~~

the tables were arranged differently…i spent most of the day staring out the window or at those beams wishing they would stop using the latest marketing jargon and say something useful….

7 thoughts on “homestyle loo

    • i think it makes sense when you are talking about selling cat food or double glazed windows but IMO (in my opinion) critical care professionals just want to be shown the evidence (the more complicated the graphs the better) told what they need to do and the time to do it…they don’t need key messages in visual consistency….

  1. what awesome pictures, and what a fabulous place for a “very heated discussion”! i love the homey ladies’ room! and the big pink sign in the meeting room!

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