how clean is my house?

i finally got my rumpus maximus in gear and painted the kitchen…white! i think i will go back and paint the pipe and strip of wood in the corner~~i was planning to put tiles in but now i kind of like the plain canvas of it…except around the sink and stove…def need tiles there~

in a burst of motivational energy i also cleaned out the sideroom (think combo basement/shed), under the sink and cabinets. i’ll spare you photos of my very organized pots and pans, baking dishes, bowls and plastic containers…

i do have one tip though…before you buy another roll of tape…have a good scrounge around your junk room…when i finished cleaning i had this boxfull of rolls of tape

just in case you think that is a tiny small box, i put a roll of paper towels next to it to show its true proportions

looking in the box

the line up

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