this fish needs a bicycle

i’ve been thinking more, longer and in real time lately that i need a new bike.  i really enjoy the independence it can give me along with a workout…i had two very active days and while i paid for it yesterday~~i feel much better today.

on one of my zillion trips to london on a virgin (richard branson owns england) train, i saw an ad for an online bike site…and i quote

  • Lowest Prices
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Best Service

ummmmm, actually they are quite pricey, couldn’t find anything that said they deliver fully assembled bikes for free and i’ll never get to the test their service but….they have the coolest women’s cruisers ever!!!


cool enough??? i think this is my fav after the black one with the flames….

how convenient that my birthday is just a few weeks away….i have had 3 major birthday bikes…

  1. the first at around 10 years old, i was home for lunc on THE most perfect spring day when a truck from marshall fields pulled up and off loaded the most beautiful blue (made in england) raleigh
  2. when i was about 16 i saved up all my babysitting money and added my birthday money in and bought a brown racer type schwinn
  3. when i turned 40 and my fortunes had improved i bought myself another beautiful blue (no longer made in england) raleigh. which got stolen from right under my kitchen window in broad daylight

is this a sign? can you see me cruising around west heath on that bright yellow bike?? mmm….with or without handle tassles???

5 thoughts on “this fish needs a bicycle

  1. I’m for the yellow one.. I think the basket is the most important..not the white wicker because it rains.. do you ride in the street>?? ya my cool yellow bike when I WAS about 10 was stolen right in daylight from inside our yard!!

    • yeah,i’m gonna ride in the street and make all the cars go around me!! cause that’s how they do it here…i’ll put cleo in a little basket on the back so i can look like miss gulch…

      (from the wizard of oz?)

  2. oh, they are gorgeous!!! i love the black one with the flames 🙂 it would so make me feel like a little girl again if i had a bike like that and i could use it to get wherever i needed to go….

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