weather watch

i’m getting a bit more interested in the weather, as in what is it going to be in the next few days as opposed to my usual…it’s raining or it’s chilly today. this is in preparation for matt’s visist next week. i’m not too worried (not that i can do anything about it) because i’m sure it will be greener and slightly warmer than what  he’s used to. i may have to reinstate the weather pixies~~

i was i bit amused when i just checked the bbc weather and read this~~

Fairly cloudy but generally dry with some brightness

Today: Most of the UK will have a cloudy day with perhaps the odd spot of light rain in Eastern England. Northern Ireland will have a fine and sunny day with light winds. Some sunshine is also likely in Southern England.

Fairly cloudy but generally dry with some brightness  

is that actually a weather forecast?? sounds like someone describing an embarrassing skin condition….




2 thoughts on “weather watch

  1. sorry…not really interested in your weather…just NY and brum…

    the weather pixies apparently have a technical problem, when they get it fixed i’ll put them back up

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