am i being paranoid?

next week i have two big training days…the weddings so to speak. they are sparing no expense to make this a spectacular event! the creativity consultant, the event manager etc…one of them decided that we (the speakers) need biographies, not sure exactly where they will go, probably in a program of sorts…and i have seen them before at other conferences i’ve attended…and for most of the speakers it’s not a problem, they already have one made up with a photo…

for me it is a problem….i don’t like to advertise myself…and it’s extra hard because my background screams “yank!”  my BSN degree does not translate…i’m sure they will mess up university of illinois at chicago and then there’s  the photo…

if i was in my 30’s i would have a few photos i would be happy with…if i was in my 40’s i could probably find one or two…but 2 weeks shy of my 52nd birthday???  not likely

so they asked for a photo…didn’t specify they wanted an electronic version… i broke down last friday went to one of those little booths (at 7am) and paid £4. i figured i could use the rest for my bus pass (if i ever get around to getting one) and i handed it over at the meeting friday…thought it was done and dusted…until yesterday.

i got a message on my mobile and then this email from miss cool PA in london

Hi Tracy,

 Please can we use your photo from your facebook profile pic? It’s a lovely photo and it is much easier for us to use one that is already in the computer, rather than one that isn’t!

 Many thanks,

now there are a few things i find disturbing about this:

  • is she saying she’s just too lazy to scan the photo that i gave her on friday?
  • she is not asking me if i have an electronic version of a (any, another) photo
  • she is clearly saying that she has seen my facebook photo already (and no, it is not lovely or professional, i might add!)

i did a rather dramatic burn about this…the nerve of this twit to sit at her desk thinking…this is so much trouble to scan this photo that i’ll just check her facebook page and see if she has one there…

after i calmed down i called her…and she was all big on how much easier it would be to use an online photo…didn’t ask if i had any other better one…and when i said do you need me to send it she said….. oh no, i’ll just copy and paste it……i said….***that’s scary***

anyway, mr a says i am being paranoid….i say she has over stepped her professional boundries…if you want to check my facebook profile do it on your own time and keep it to yourself!!!    i actually thought about checking someone else (from the team) facebook profile and i paused and thought………… no, that’s just none of my business….

and while everyone else will have a nice professional photo, mine is of me sitting at an outdoor cafe in london with my hair blowing in the wind…

the bottom line? i’m angry at myself for not insisting she get up off her lazy ass and just scan the photo i gave her!!!!!

5 thoughts on “am i being paranoid?

  1. I don’t know if you’re being paranoid or not…but…it seems to me really unprofessional of her not to have asked if you had some other photo. She could even have suggested Facebook as a possible, rather than saying she’d already been there and thought it was a ‘lovely’ photo (it is!).

    But, it’s just the fact that she didn’t even suggest some other alternative that seems kinda weird to me.

  2. I totally agree with Julie. She was pushy and forcing her agenda. She should have made it be ‘your idea’.. I do like your FB pic as well but I get what you mean.. You want a more JcPenney blue background kind like Bankers/ real estate agents have on their business cards. Ya I have been copying and pasteing all of C’s pics that are in my FB album of her the same way..taking it off other places. It is scary because I don’t have to ask anyone.. I think the one of us inside the Birmingham museum is nice as well.

  3. Its one of my two fav pics of you………………and its more human than a pro shot, i have seen millions of those and cannot recall one?

    Funny thought though……….that image of you belongs to Facebook? (might be wrong about that)

    Mr A

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