posting on the run

i’m working an extra long day tomorrow then leaving for london monday late morning for a rehearsal for “the wedding”. i’m staying in london monday night so i hope to be able to relax monday night and have a walk around. tuesday will be the loooong day…but i have something special to look forward to…

matt arrives wednesday!!! while he is acclimatizing to the time and place on thursday i will be in manchester for the second “wedding”. after that i will be on annual leave til the end of the month doing lots of touristy things with number one son!!

i don’t have many visitors so i have enjoyed getting ready for him, washed all the sheets and made the bed with an old comforter and my icelandic blanket that i hope will be cozy, i  made some small additions/touches to james old room…but that will stay secret for now. 

some of the things on the agenda?

cadbury world

severn valley railway

black country museum


urban pie

assorted pubs and bus trips……and maybe something a bit further afield.

a warning:

mr a has fired up the video camera, we’ve had some fun looking old videos i took…starring none other than~~ cleo!!! and my garden. it’s nice to see the garden in summer, pouring rain and snow mode…

so, hope to have some of them thar moving pictures soon….

5 thoughts on “posting on the run

  1. BTW just realized you have changed the man to mr. A….nice but a little misleading because you are still mrs. A…something else

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