equal cat time

a quick post before i head to london, wish me luck?

we have had a second cat crisis, in true dependent, offspring form jack has decided, by default to become sympathy cat of the week.

last week it was apparent that he had swelling around his right jar/ear. it became over three short days so swollen,  progressing to icky stuff coming through  his fur that it could not be ignored. off to the vet and significantly less expensive than the previous feline patient (£42) came back looking like this…

 it’s much better now thanks to the antibiotics that we’ve been shoving down his throat.

there’s just something funny about cats when their fur is shaved…cleo’s fur has barely made any progress growing back…

the cause of it all?? he must have been in a fight and got bitten…

5 thoughts on “equal cat time

  1. I agree, poor thing, glad he’s on the mend and luckily, the fur will grow back. Now the two of them really have something in common – they can sit and discuss their medical experiences.

    Hope the day in London is going/has gone well!

  2. Cleo and Jack fight………………………no chance (they have a common enemy, THE RED LIGHT) more like Cleo egged Jack on to attack evil Black Bushy tail.

  3. Remember Grandma Boyle’s tomcat named, Elvis. He would come in with his ears nearly torn off, Grandma and Aunt Louise would hold him down and pour peroxide on them. You and your brother thought that they were putting on a show for you so see. “The Elvis foam and fizzle show”….He was one mean fighting Tom Cat…..

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