room without a view

i’m back from london…all i’ll say is “the wedding” went well..few little glitches with the overall event…videos not working, most of the creative and innovative ideas fell flat but i did great!! spoke twice in front of a small group (15-20) of my peers…led the discussion etc.

annoyed that a very technical document i wrote months ago was printed and distributed without my knowledge and someone found one small but glaring error…which my boss graciously took responsibility for as he hadn’t proofread it…

i’m doing it all again tomorrow in manchester for a slightly larger group then i’m off for almost two weeks, spending time with matt who has just touched down at heathrow within the last 30 minutes!

my hotel in london was nice but if i had paid £109 (more than $150) myself for a room with this view i would have been pretty upset

reminded me of a prison exercise yard…this is a glimpse of the street view i should have had…

2 thoughts on “room without a view

  1. I thought the same EXACT thing… Reminded me of that movie Murder in the First.. yikes!! So glad matt is here and will take your mind off of stuff hopefully .have fun!

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