first stop, coventry

matt’s here!  * happy dance*

 i spent a long day in manchester on thursday and he hung out at my house…and cleaned up for me! of my three kids, matt is the neatest and for this i am very grateful. he explored the local shops a little and was even brave enough to order a kebab at the king george..not for the faint hearted i assure you… a real lesson in “being a foreigner”

yesterday we headed to coventry, my previous visits included a trip to ikea with mr a and a tour with rose. i planned to go to the cathedral but matt and i being the relaxed, laid back, see what happens part of the family found a few new and interesting places as well. here’s the pics of the day…which started off sunny and ended up raining…

the short story of the cathedral is that it was massively bombed (along with the rest of coventry) during WW2 and they built a new modern cathedral next door after the war. it has since become a focal point for peace and reconciliation. read the long story here

we climbed up the spire (181 steps, according to the teacher walking ahead  of me), unfortunately there is scaffolding around the front part of the ruins and coventry does not have the best skyline…on an overcast day…

much better looking down

a sculpture on the front of the cathedral.

we went on to the transport museum, which i had never been to before. i was surprised that it was free and then cynically expected a few old cars on display and not much else….oh was i wrong!! amazingly went on and on and ON!! loads of cars…all shapes and sizes…cars through a timeline… the bicycle room….the motorcycle room…really amazing!! here’s just a few motorbikes we saw.

in between we went into a cool bar/cafe called browns~~i had the thai fish cakes and matt had shepard’s pie. the plate was loaded with salads and potatos…the atmosphere was relaxing …good, reallly good!

one thing that caught my eye was~~ they served a cloudy cider on tap…old rosie…now that our rose is turning 29 this year perhaps she could adopt a new nickname…

i think the description describes our rose perfectly!!!

we may have to get one of these for the BBQ when rose comes to visit…

apparently they deliver!

3 thoughts on “first stop, coventry

  1. Are you guys at the top of the cathedral? That wartime museum in the crypt there was pretty cool, those motorbikes reminded me of it.

  2. I would love to try some old rosie cider…but Since Matt’s there I want to see his face and his name all over your blog instead of mine. I’ve already had my turn

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