off the tourist track

matt and i went to london thursday-friday, it wasn’t by any means the most productive trips if you count the number of museums-tourist sites we visited but it did include a relaxing lunch with my favorite other expat…our family friend, ozden.

i asked if she could take us to a turkish cafe…and she did…the gallipoli, it’s located in islington and the food was delicious!! great atmosphere, warm conversation…matt and ozden said they felt like they knew each other for ages even though it was the first time they met…such is the power of family photos and stories.

so here we are…

2 thoughts on “off the tourist track

  1. beautiful pics!! hey I found a YUMMY indian restaurant in San Francisco!! I left England thinking I HATE Indian food.. james just reassured me.. it’s England ..they want to make it hot and cheap.. soooo … this place was more!! So nice!! Hey! matt has beautiful eyes!!

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