back to salt mine

my son, matt has gone back to new york…we had lots of fun even on the numerous trips back and forth to town on the 45 bus. well, matt probably enjoyed listening to me complain. have i mentioned how much i hate that bus??

yep, that's it except it says 45 on the front

spring has completely passed by the heart of was cold today….really cold…like small white stuff falling from the sky!!

and the windy city?? the bitter cold in winter midwestern city? ~~~70’s!!!

i’m working two night shifts on my easter birthday weekend…can it get any better?

can’t even think about my discussion with the project manager but i finally found something that describes how it’s going~~

it’s tough because i really believe in the concept of the project, i have the utmost respect for my boss ( who is having a well deserved vacation in france) but i have lost trust in some members of the team…


i’ve learned there’s only one way to deal with desperately shitty times like this…remembering it can only get better~~

3 thoughts on “back to salt mine

  1. Glad it’s only the 45 you hate. When I leave this country, if I never have to take another city bus again…even the ‘good’ ones…it will be a huge bonus!

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