hit my limit-part 1

i was so happy and excited to take this research job 9 or 10 months ago…it has been really….REALLY good!!! and also reallly awful at times~~~

the good stuff is working for a great boss, the travel…london, vienna, newcastle….learning to make spreadsheets, worksheets, checklists…and to do presentations~~

the bad stuff?? watching the focus of the project go from a science based study to veering off dramatically to the left…driven by a few crazy comunnications/marketing clowns

i have learned that some degree of “packaging” is necessary for this kind of national project but somewhere along the line the data- aka the “beef” has been lost…or at the very least reduced to a  small, miniscule, insignificant, troublesome technical detail.

over the last month or so this has became apparent not only to me but to my boss and the nurse consultant, the “clinical team”. we have had several discussions between ourselves, comparing notes. i have come home from london in tears and have had virtually every suggestion i’ve made dismissed…either ignored or very blatently and rudely in person or email.

who do you suppose had all fingers pointing at her as the common cause for all of us??? the project manager (supported by her clown cronies)….

she made what she assumed would be the coup d’ete by rewriting my job description when it came up for renewal ~~~she completely rewrote it. from having me report to her (not my boss) to basically stripping me of any formal area of responsibility and having me function as everyone else’s go-pher…using words like “in conjucntion with” ~”supporting” etc..

strategically she dropped this on the last day of my existing contract, while my boss was away on holiday and the day before she left for hers…this left me no choice but to resign from the project-which i did.

4 thoughts on “hit my limit-part 1

  1. I am sorry to hear this … it’s tough when something you enjoy goes off in a direction beyond your control. It sounds as if you exercised your last bit by saying, ” I quit! ” As stressful as a sudden departure can be, I am sure you already know how tough the alternative can be as well.

    Good luck through the transition.

  2. oh tracy, i am so sorry to hear things went so sour! i hope you are doing okay…. i once had a boss who was so verbally abusive and set goals that she then prevented me from achieving that i ended up deciding to resign before she made a move to get me fired.

    professionally, all ended up working out just fine. she clearly had some mental health issues, and left the company shortly thereafter (upon which they contacted me to hire me back on). it took a while for me to recover — and i did.

    i am glad you stood up for yourself and took control of the situation. here’s hoping that “part 2” is better 🙂

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