fight, flight or find a tall building to jump off-part 3

i don’t know how everyone else feels but when things get tough…really tough….i get the urge to run. run, run, run…fast and far! that may sound cowardly or it may sound familiar.

with the building stress surrounding my job…spilling over into my personal life, my relationship, my sleep…that is a step too far when my sleep gets disturbed with worried thoughts…

the options here in england are quite limited…i can either go back to my clinical job………or…..go….back ….to….my …..clinical…..job…..

so when i was contacted out of the blue, by a hospital in chicago, about a liver transplant research job…how could i not be charmed? enticed?? tempted???

the catch? there is no easy choice anymore…i’ve made long lists of good and bad…assigned points for importance….sentimental, monetary, climate, etc

the bottom line is that i have what i’ve always wanted,  i live in a european country(albeit not the nicest one), i own a house here (well, the bank owns it, but only 15 years left), i am £800 away from being a british and thereby EU citizen!!! but my heart is always in chicago….anybody have a cure??? 

where is this going?

the big fat apology

i am so sorry to all my friends and family, first for giving the impression that i am unhappy here~~i am a grumpy old woman and i will be unhappy anywhere!

i’m sorry for getting hopes up that i would be returning. i’m crazy and hormonal and that’s on a good day!!! 

hopefully, tomorrow holds a happy ending!

One thought on “fight, flight or find a tall building to jump off-part 3

  1. I want to run away as well when I get stressed and disappear.. really.. I have all these fanatsies of just getting lost and what? start over? anyway.. wwhhhaaattt?? I am sooo confused.. I have no ‘back’ story so I guess I have to wait until we can talk and your phone isn’t ‘engaged’.. I will keep trying..

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