a mediocre ending-part 4

after all that nonsense, my boss came back from holiday, i made plans to go back to my unit and was feeling somewhat relieved…i’d have to explain very diplomatically what happened but at least i would be going back to a place where i am well liked and feels familiar…like a pair of ratty old slippers…

there was a meeting with my boss, the nurse consultant and the project director last friday. i didn’t think i would even be mentioned but i knew they had a lot to tell the director about what a biatch the manager is  “the direction of the project” and all kinds of politically correct stuff like that.

i got called about 1.30 by my boss just as i was going for an interview to grovel ask for some money from my hospital for my master’s degree …my boss said the director was keen to keep me on the project! i found myself standing in the parking lot at selly oak train station doing what i hate everyone else doing….pacing back and forth talking loudly on my mobile phone!! it was a productive conversation and appreciated getting the heads up and encouraging words from my before i would have to return a call to the director.

i spoke to the director when i got home….i don’t do these conversations very well but i’m getting lots of practice. they seem very polite and productive but just as i’m hanging up…my overwhelming feeling is “i think i’ve been screwed”

i suppose that may not exactly be the case but in this game of negotiating, give and take about under what conditions i’ll return to the project, i seem to get small concessions …luckily i have support of people i respect and have set my conditions quite high

the end result?

i will continue on the project 30 (of 37.5) hours a week (a sanity saving move) the rest i will work on my unit (to counterbalance the soul destroying PM)…one of the major incentives for me is seeing the project through to the end. it will be a major boost to me, my CV, my career….major boost! 

the most interesting part of the project is coming up and hopefully i can manage to appear enthusiastic…i almost vomited today when the PM told me today that by being in london more i would see what a wonderful organization the XYZ is…the XYZ is an autocratic government agency whose job is to sit behind a desk and tell other people what to do safely!! it is highly unlikely i will ever cross over to that team….

anyway, that’s the whole circular story….back to square one….

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