good things

in an effort to move forward, here’s my list of good things for today:

  1. it’s sunny
  2. it’s been sunny since early this morning
  3. it was sunny all day yesterday
  4. it’s been sunny from morning to night for a few days now
  5. my garden is springing back to life, bigger and better (see below)
  6. i have enough solid oak flooring in my hallway to finish the living room, just need someone to do it!
  7. i will be traveling to london again on a regular basis, where i can wander to some mega housewares stores on my lunch
  8. i have a few conferences to go to in the next few months, including barcelona in october

i’m sure there is more but i don’t want to get too excited!!

jack enjoying the sunshine....and the garden chair!

my new wood floor

6 purple tulips

sunny afternoon with newly mowed grass

yes, mom... we do have dandelions in england!!

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