someone else’s burning toast

i have first hand experience of burnt toast and microwave popcorn…and the responding firemen…somehow i wouldn’t find it quite so funny as a commuter if my station was closed~~~

Burned toast shuts King’s Cross Tube Station twice

Toast (Library)
A humble slice of toast caused disruption for thousands

Staff at one of the busiest Underground stations are being told to be more careful after it was shut down twice – because Tube workers burned the toast.

On both 13 March and 7 April, King’s Cross was closed due to a fire alert caused by burning toast in a staffroom.

Firefighters were scrambled to the station and commuters evacuated. The incidents happened in the morning and evening rush hours respectively.

Transport for London said staff have been “reminded to take care”.

A spokesman said: “King’s Cross St Pancras station was closed for approximately twenty minutes due to a fire alert at the station.

“The fire alert was caused by smoke from a toaster in the staff area of the station.

“London Underground has extensive heat and smoke detection systems, fire alarms and auto sprinkler systems and both incidents were dealt with quickly.”

He added: “Staff have been reminded to take care when using the cooking facilities and we would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused.”

over the next year we are moving into a new hospital…rumour has it there are no toasters…note to self: stock up on microwave popcorn.

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