my wish has come true

wow! yippee! yahoooooooo!!!! why am i so happy??? because when i went to london yesterday for an all day meeting…we were all informed that the communications witch woman is leaving the project!!! she wasn’t there, won’t be there thursday and hopefully i won’t see her again!!

it was kind of announced like she had died, no explanation of whether she resigned or she was told her services weren’t needed any more or what but it was pretty quiet and nobody made a single comment….just silence.

later, my boss just said he’d hoped they’ve learned their lesson and don’t hire another one! 

personally, i think she was nice, perhaps slightly snobby but as soon as she came on the project everything changed and i can’t say i will miss perfectly decent decisions being ruined by that single comment…”so A what do you think…from a comms perspective, that is?”

the meeting yesterday was lovely!!! absolutely relaxed, collaborative and productive!! the 2 new “service improvement facilitators” chipped in suggestions, the project manager was slightly outnumbered on most things and everyone (including me) had equal input…*happy dance*

so, just to add to that bit of good news…i got my £40 that i won at work on the grand national

did you notice the “E” in tracy??? gawwwwd….5 years i’ve worked there!!

and for the first time mr a has bought me flowers and carried them the 200 yards home (not had them delivered) they are beautiful!

the only red spot on an otherwise stuning few days was that i was finally able to take advantage of the free and easily available tampons at the wallace space….i tried to explain to mr a the no brainer-carefree difference between having tampons sitting there in the toilet (just like home) and having to fumble in your bag and discreetly (or not, in my case) tuck one in your pocket before you go or carry your bag with you to the toilet…he didn’t get it….the ladies will though…now i just have to reset the menopause clock…..

4 thoughts on “my wish has come true

  1. Woo, hoo, it’s all good, except that last bit…but, yes, of course, I understand (and vividly remember!) those times when I certainly wish I wouldn’t have had to be so discreet – or so obvious!

  2. oh, don’t you just love ironic justice like that! i am so happy for you! i hope you find it far more exciting to go to work each day now — and haven’t you created a better schedule for yourself in the process?

    i know exactly what you mean about the latter…

  3. I forgot to say – I got a nice bouquet for my birthday that had lilies in it – from my supervisor! Not quite the same thing, but it was a nice gesture on her part…

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