a room WITH a view

this is going to be fairly quick, i am working extra shifts tonight and tomorrow night.  i do have a few pics from my overnight stay in london. i spent the day in the office on weds and stayed overnight at the hilton metropole. while everyone else stayed in “the tower” my room, for some unknown reason was in “the west wing”. down a long hallway, past the posh shops and up to the 11th floor…it sure had a view….not terribly scenic but better than the room without a view….

the last one is edgeware road tube station. we went through the joe strummer subway and saw the joe strummer black wall but i was too shy to stop and take a pic…if i had known i was going to have this room i would have invited a few people to join me…..

and this is always a welcome sight to americans traveling abroad

the training day went really well, the whole team has chamged dramatically as we get some new people joining us and the comms woman has left. i am getting a feeling from some minor comments that i wasn’t the only person who’s toes got stepped on….

 i got home, late…late much, much later than i should have, thursday night…ask me about my bus adventure…i managed to get a little sleep but had to be at the hospital at my old start time of 7.30…while i was drinking my coffee i had a nose around the garden and couldn’t believe how much everything had grown in only 2 days and a sprinkling of rain…but i did see my first snails of the season…

two chav looking snails plotting their 2010 mayhem i suspect…why chavvy looking? because they are average adult size but their shells are still kind of light…the shells get darker as they age til they are brownish.

off to work soon, tis birthday and graduation season in my family!!!

happy 19th birthday, James!!!!

and brodie too!

4 thoughts on “a room WITH a view

  1. Nice pictures, what kind of scrub, the reddish twig the snail is sitting on, what’s it name…..now that’s what I call a terrible sentence…..the nuns would have me write, “that is a terrible sentence” a 100 times….

    • the reddish twiggy thing is a fuschia. it is the last to get leaves in the spring. the green leaves are some ground cover type stuff…don’t know the name but i’ll give you an update photo in a few weeks

  2. We could’ve had quite the pajama party at that hotel…those beds look huge! (Yes, I am getting tired to sleeping on my ‘camping bed’, but need to get a sofa first.)

  3. looks like an American type for sure.. we were at a marriott hampton this weekend and had 2 queens and not all the ‘extras’ we had gotten used to..:-) and DH and I caught ourselves saying how it’s ‘not like we’re used to’!! but we laughed and stopped ourselves.. nasty slugs but looks like things are growing.. happy 19th James!!

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