barcelona here i come

remember when i went to vienna last october? this year the conference is in barcelona and i will be there presenting a poster for the project

Dear Tracy A,

Thank you for submitting your abstract entitled CENTRAL VENOUS CATHETER BLOOD-STREAM INFECTIONS (CVC-BSIS) IN ICUS IN ENGLAND: PHASE 1 PILOT STUDY to the 23rd Annual Congress of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain from 9-13 October 2010.

hopefully mr a will join me. the whole project is back on track and i am feeling pretty positive. i haven’t had a real day off in about 10 days. i had a few deadlines and long days and extra shifts last week so i am taking a well deserved pajama, duvet day tomorrow!

weds, thurs, friday i will be starting my second module of my master’s degree….

my baby james is now a 19 year old man cub and my amazing (every thing i wasn’t) daughter is graduating next saturday with a dual english/secondary education degree….yep, milestone after milestone just to remind me how old i am getting~~

i’ll be blogging from my bed tomorrow~~~

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