the dance floor

i know i am lacking in posts but it’s for a fairly good reason, real life has taken over. i do like to be busy, to have outside forces that keep me moving …it keeps me from reverting to my natural state of doing nothing.

i am in school this week, sitting through 3 long days of lecture. i can’t say it’s been boring though because there are only 3 of us in the class and yesterday one didn’t show up!! so there’s none of my usual sitting at the back of the class daydreaming…it’s been interactive and very nursing related. the module is called “facilitating practice-based learning” which means how do you teach people new stuff while they are at work…

the assignments will be around doing an actual teaching session at work and gather a load of paperwork about the how’s and why’s and evaluating all that… i have learned alot about that stuff on the project so it should be reletively worry free!!

i was absolutely thrilled and delighted to come home yesterday to find my new oak floor actually laid out instead of in boxes in the hallway…

not sure how cleo feels about it yet…and can’t get jack to even walk on it!!! mr a and i both think it came out perfect, not too light or too dark. we are even considering leaving the living room empty to enjoy the full effect…maybe as a dance floor?

6 thoughts on “the dance floor

  1. glad class is going well.. sounds easy. you are ‘da Bomb’ nurse!! No dance floor without the dance lighting!! flashing colorful lights or strobe lights!! or spotlight for ballroom ..aaahh ! that would be awesome!

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