well, sometimes 4am….my recurrent awake time. not just open one eye, peek at the clock and roll over time. i’m wide awake and thinking about what i did yesterday, what i’m doing today and everything in between.

what’s really spooky is usually when i look at the clock it is exactly 5am. not 4.50, not 4.17…exactly 4am or 5am or sometimes even 3am!

sleep, at least at night is getting problematic for me. it’s the menopause stuff. i am hot and cold all night….blankets on and blankets off. a pretty familiar story from most of the stuff i read. i am now experiencing night sweats, i was vaguely aware of them previously but last week i woke up in a state (having vivid dreams also) and my hair was moist but i felt a puddle of sweat on my chest…been feeling creepy and worried ever since.

so if you want to call and chat, forget some reasonable sounding time like 12pm or 4pm…try 5am! that’s when my brain is awake~~ 

the living room floor is all finished, the very nice young guy came back yesterday and put the skirting board (aka baseboard) all through the living room and tile floor in the dining room. here’s a pic of how it comes together.

let’s face it, the weather has been horrible!! cold, cold, cold….windy and sometimes even rainy! i had big plans to work in the garden so i ordered this

who knows how long before i get:

  1. the time
  2. the energy
  3. decent weather

so i can weed the beds and put down some bark chips. everything now for me is an experiment/research. i am planning to monitor whether snails and slugs like or dislike bark chips. i would guess it doesn’t repel them or they would be marketing them as a slug repellent but who knows maybe MY s/s will feel differently. i have another little snail experiment planned for this summer…you’ll have to wait and see.

just a few pics of cleo…being well, cleo!

just to explain those two. the garden is piled up with junk from the floor and she is laying on a piece of rolled up carpet that is laying across the arms of the lawn chair…she sat there for a few hours.

there are a few indents, holes in the garden (long story) cleo likes to lay in them so she is pretty much hidden…yeah, i know my grass needs cutting, i’ll add it to the list!

4 thoughts on “5am

  1. Just wanted to say the baseboard looks great – I love your new floor!

    As far as the night sweats, etc., there is nothing like waking up in the middle of the night with a puddle on your chest that came from you…I always slept with one leg on top of the blankets and that…sometimes…seemed to help.

    I seem to be having daytime flashes again…thought I was all done, but at least they’re not as bad as previously. And sleep, forget it! I was awake at 3:00 this morning and didn’t doze off again until about an hour before the alarm went off.

    My garden pots are all planted up and set in front of the house…I’ve picked off two slugs and three snails (yuck!!) so far…

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