the scene of the crime

remember the big pile of soil and bark chips from the last post?

what was missing were the two bags of bark chips that i told someone not to cart to the back because (famous last words) “i will only have to cart them back because i am going to use them in the front” would you believe someone knicked them?

what really annoys me about this is that~~i don’t drive and i had to pay £20 to have all those bags delivered…those two bags only cost £8…but the hassle of having them delivered is the issue.

mr a suspects my neighbor next door…a guy who was always pretty friendly and waved hello until he lost about 1000 points in my book after i got the gossip from mary across the street.

we were on the 45 bus and she had to take the gum out of her mouth to tell me the story about how the guy next door kicked his 70-something year old mother out of the house at 11pm…mary saw the whole thing! don’t know where i was since i am much closer but 11pm is my prime sleep time, if it was 3am i certainly would’ve heard it. 

no matter who it was, it’s just petty and stupid…enormous hassle for me for £8 worth of bark chippings!! i really want to put a sign in my front garden that says:


70Litre bags of bark chippings

3 BAGS FOR £12!!!





4 thoughts on “the scene of the crime

  1. how did he take all those bags without you noticing?
    and couldnt u just peek over the fence and look to see if they are there?

  2. do you really think he would just put it over on his side of the fence??
    whoever did it would have had to put them in a car, they are too heavy to just carry down the street for any length of time.

  3. Chavs can’t haul bark ships on the bus. Not while holding their Strongbow in one hand and pushing the pram with the other!

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