Missing the music

i come from a very music oriented family…my parents listened to jazz, blues, folk…i grew up listening to all kinds of music and generally enjoying listening to the radio for news, weather… all that stuff. i did the usual teenage music overload and obsession and as a young parent subjected my kids to lots of music and lots of MTV!!

anyway, i think i’ve mentioned that here in england i have still been able to indulge in my favorite radio station from chicago WXRT. until recently, now i get a very sad disappointing message that says

“we’re sorry, CBS radio is currently unavailable from your location”

sniff, snifffff….i listen to BBC 2 here, the talk shows in the afternoon are interesting but the music is…well….ummmm….boring? pop? repetitive?

james used to be my music download manager… he had itunes and some other website and collected lots of different stuff. when he left though i very short sightedly told him to delete his stuff from the computer not realizing i was seriously limiting my music options.

i wonder how other people listen to their music these days?? anyone still buy albums or CD’s? do you download? and where do you find new music? i really need to start building up a music library again, just feel a little technologically challenged.

and imagine me, the public transport queen with no portable listening device!

3 thoughts on “Missing the music

  1. I too feel challenged in this regard and haven’t bought a CD in years.


    I’ve made a lot of use of this lately, may even make my own play list one of these days. I’ve heard a lot of interesting music, just because a particular song I might like to listen to has a lot of other songs on the play list that I’ve never heard before or haven’t heard in a long, long time…

  2. Indeed…isn’t it time to buy one of those cute little shuffles or something? I forgot my ipod today and felt helpless as a lamb…addicted you say? Yes…I am!
    I enjoy 8tracks on web, but playlists are short and random mixes play one after another. Good for the adventurous…not so great for purists like myself. 😦

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