i’m a real nurse again

it’s been nearly a year since i took this research job and despite the ups and downs, it’s been a real learning experience. this month though i decreased my hours on the project to 30 and am now working 7.5 hours a week in my old position as a critical care nurse on my old unit.

last week i worked a long day sunday, i didn’t have the sickest patients but i did start out with two patients, transfer one out, admit another patient in and then transfer the other one out making a total of three patients in one shift!! like i said they weren’t the sickest but it did test my time mangement and delegation skills.

this week i worked saturday night…i didn’t have the sickest patient again but there were at least 4 patients on the unit on the verge of a life threatening moment that the whole unit actually felt like a critical care unit. the 2 “crash trolley”(s) spent most of the night in one bedspace or another, the lights at one end of the unit never got turned down….. there were sporadic flurries of people rushing around, curtains being drawn and semi-frantic arm waving requests.

ahhh, just like the old days….

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