cool stuff on etsy

i don’t have time to do any crafty, homemade things at the moment but i have in the past been a keen embroiderer, cross stitcher, crocheter and stained glass maker….

my lovely university graduate (english and secondary ed) but sadly underemployed daughter has been supplementing her income making really nice jewelry and selling it on etsy.

these sites were not around when i was super crafty…the internet wasn’t even around then…but she sent me something she wants me to get out to anyone reading my blog…which is here…and it’s called one of a kind  kind of a group of other crafters that use one of a kind as a tag.

tonight i am pretty much comatose from too much gardening in too much hot sun so i am now sitting in the cool bottom of the garden having a little look through etsy….

you can browse using categories, alchemy, editor’s picks, connections etc but what i think is uber cool is by colours

and by shop local

and by geo locator

what kind of stuff can you find on etsy???

paintings like this

earrings in birmingham like this

kids t shirts like this

and drawings on cups of nurses smoking from amsterdam

so go have a browse, show support for handmade crafts!

 my only advice is: if you see something you like add to to your favorites because there is so much stuff on etsy you will never find it again!!

4 thoughts on “cool stuff on etsy

  1. was the smoking nurse your favorite part of my treasury? I put it on for you–I like the rest of the mugs too very hard boiled tough ladies

  2. I just wanted to say a big thank you for including my earrings on your blog…i’m really chuffed and for once I managed to use google analytics.

    Have fun at your moms 75th and i’m loving here sandals.

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