two days off… can i have two weeks?

i had plans to do lots of gardening this weekend but the hot sun made me think twice. my mom wanted to see my bark success so this is one of the things i did accomplish!

i know not very spectacular but i think it makes the flower bed look much neater and it should keep the weeds down….

i have another busy week…no traveling except to a safety congress which is very conveniently being held in birmingham! i have finally been given a survey to analyze…i am doing the first one and then there’s only 2 or 3 hundred more! as far as i know they will all have to be done individually and could have been started months ago…not good project management!

speaking of the project manager….she is off on holiday…in california! left it for the rest of us to sort out stuff for this congress…

nothing comes between a publically funded project manager and her holidays!

anyway, off for a meeting with my boss this morning and then a cervical screen (pap smear) this afternoon…

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