up late, night shift residue

i’m having some minor wordpress difficulty….i can’t post you tube videos. i mean i know how to do it and have done it in the past but lately they just disappear….might be this template?

i should be off this weekend, a holiday weekend both here and in the US…but i am working sunday.

i hope to make some progress in the garden saturday and monday though. i bought some cucumber and tomato plants and have a touching avocado update.

i had a real slap in the face feedback from an assignment i did a few months ago, the whole process has been full of failures…not all mine…maybe further education will have to be crossed off my “list of things to do”

nothing has compared to having champagne tuesday except maybe having a patient last night say that his very pronounced shaking  started when he moved to england (from ireland) ….20 years ago.

i hope to have lots of pics, updates and posts this weekend

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