the circle of life~avocado style

i have been having sporadic success with my avocado pits/plants…for anyone who hasn’t checked out my pages dedicated to growing avocado pits as houseplants look here and here

someday i need to go to california or italy to see real live avocado trees but til then i will have to enjoy them in sandwiches and salads and learn the true meaning of patience and tender loving care trying to grow them on this cold, wet jewel of the north atlantic.

there is some good news on the pit front, of the three i am currently watching one is breaking out of the stagnant back and seems to be expanding its fissure

that may not look like much but it’s definite progress.

more good news, this double stemmed plant despite a few very cold days in the green house and a few scorching days last week is getting lots of new growth

this next lil fella has taken a sideways turn, very problematic and always needs stakes or support to keep it from falling over and snapping…but despite the aforementioned difficult weather it’s doing okay

one bit of sad news though….and i take full credit for being a careless and lazy caretaker, letting several of my houseplants get fatally damaged by the weather… this wee bab will be seeing the compost heap as soon as i get around to it….

it  alternately had its tender leaves frozen and then toasted…

you can see the progress of the other two here 

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