sooner than you think

well, i thought i’d have to wait til tomorrow to post some photos but alas…the world cup has lured a certain englishman away from his computer.

i never intended to have a theme to my garden but recently i was watching the chelsea garden show on telly and i saw a purple and yellow flower bed that really appealed to me….to the point i thought i would really like that in my garden.

the funny thing is that subconciously i have already started one in the small area right outside the door. now i will make an effort to expand and stick to that theme.

on monday morning i had a meeting with my boss at 7.45am~~after i had worked a late shift on the unit on sunday…. after i did some work at home for him sunday morning and before my 2 long days at the university.

we went over a very complicated algorithm/flow sheet/decision tree that i’d done but he still wasn’t satisfied with. he used the whiteboard in his office to draw it again while we talked over all the different scenarios and read through CDC definitions. the end result?? he told me to take a picture and then work on putting together as a slide~~so this is what i will be working on over the next few days~~

the hard part is done but the tedious and tricky part will be fitting it all together and making it look perty for all the non-clinical jerks….because the last time i was told that a “NO” response is always in a diamond shape….not a square!!!

yeah, like i learned that in nursing school!!!!

3 thoughts on “sooner than you think

  1. a certain english woman is going garden mad
    i think thematicizing your garden is very english or maybe its very ‘project oriented” LOL

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